About MBA

Maclay Bridge Alliance (MBA), a group of concerned citizens, advocates for the preservation and rehabilitation of the historic Maclay Bridge. MBA has operated since 2011 based on membership opposition to a new South Avenue Bridge being pushed forward by the Missoula County Commissioners (BCC). This community opposition is due, in part, to the huge cost of the project, increased traffic and new safety hazards it would introduce, lack of compelling reasons why a new bridge is needed, and many other factors discussed throughout this website. MBA initially formed as an ad hoc group, but it continues to function with contributions and pledges by our membership, now over 200 strong.

MBA is a non-profit Montana corporation.

MBA's Mission Statement

  1. To help the public become accurately informed about plans for Maclay Bridge.
  2. To encourage transparency in local government decision-making regarding the Maclay Bridge.
  3. To project the impact of this project on all of the Target Range area from Reserve Street to Big Flat, O’Brien Creek, and Blue Mountain.
  4. To become a source for accurate, reasonable, and logical information based on facts, knowledge, and experience.

MBA Membership

Membership is open to anyone who supports our Mission Statement and is concerned about the future of Maclay Bridge, the Target Range Area, and the Bitterroot River.

If you would like to join MBA and promote our Mission Statement goals and/or donate, please contact us.

Save Maclay Bridge posters, yard signs, bumper stickers are available by calling (406) 728-5302.

New information is also posted on our Facebook Page.

Mission Statement supporters include (partial list):

Bob Schweitzer
Suzanne Schweitzer
Peggie Morrison
Bob Kircher
Fred Stewart
Gary Botchek
Larry Martin
Sharon and Mike Sterbis
Dana Headapohl
Kris Crawford
Ginny Fay
George Hirshenberger
Nancy Hirshenberger
Brent Dodge
Liz Dodge
Don Loftsgaarden
Gerard Berens
Tom Dux
Bonnie Dux
Dave Loomis
Hal Ort
Cristin Zachariasen
Linh Hoang
Deborah Slicer
Lee Torrens
Candace Torrens
Nenette Loftsgaarden
James L. O’Reilly
Sharon O’Reilly
The Carters
Janet Lyon
Renee McDonald
Jim McDonald
Sheila and Mike Houck

Chris Owens
Jane Blakely
Shae Cole
A. Lloyd Hansen
Barb Alonzo
Bethany Morris
Bob Mutch
Chris Houck
Craig Swartz
Dale Stoverud
Dan Kurzenbaum
David Caron
Dawn L. Matulevich Kato
Debbie Caron
Denise Juliann
Dennis Hill
Eric Reiber
Erin Shinn
Frances Owings
Fred Bischoff
Gary Swartz
Gena Nasset
Gene Thompson
Greg Peters
Heidi Boggs
Holly Swartz
Ilsa Seib
Jan Hinther
Jan Lowman
Jennifer Feenstra
John Alonzo
John Davies
John Sol
Jon Weisul
Judith Hofferber

Julianna Engh Peters
Karen Madden
Kate Pennacchio
Ken Madden
Kerri Houck
Kevin Brown
Lance Hinther
Laura Hinther
LeRoy J. Hofferber
Linda Stoverud
Linsay Madden
Mike Houck
Mike Pennacchio
Myles Morris
Nancy Stoverud
Patrick Martin
Pete Shinn
Richard Houldson
Rob Feenstra
Roger Hinther
Roy Owings
Russ Howe
Ryan Caron
Ryan Zachariasen
Sally Mutch
Sam Nasset
Terry Gee
Todd Seib
Wendy Dupuis
Cindy Ricci
Geri Stewart
Jeff Ricci
John Donald
Jim Parker