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Membership is open to anyone who supports our Mission Statement and is concerned about the future of Maclay Bridge.

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MBA Donations

There are no membership dues, but we gladly accept donations to help cover our costs. To make a donation please send a check made out to “MBA” to:

Maclay Bridge Alliance
c/o Bob Schweitzer
11905 Green Acres Road
Missoula, MT 59804

Expenditures have included legal fees, engineering fees, biological study costs, contract service costs, and yard signs.

We anticipate that our costs may escalate significantly in 2017 if a Categorical Exclusion (CE) is found to be sufficient by Federal Highway Administration and Montana Department of Transportation for the construction of the South Avenue Bridge, and through necessity, a lawsuit is filed to stop such an action. A CE is totally inappropriate for the identification and mitigation of significant impacts according to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Montana Environment Policy Act (MEPA).

Save Maclay Bridge posters, yard signs, bumper stickers are available by calling (406) 728-5302.